Daily Express front page on aid to India

The front page of today’s Daily Express reports the UK is giving £98 million in aid to India. Since 2015, DFID has not given traditional aid to India, instead providing world-leading expertise and private investments which boost prosperity, create jobs and open up markets for UK businesses, while generating a return for the UK at the same time. This is firmly in our interests.

India is emerging as a global power and is set to become the world’s third largest economy. It is becoming increasingly more important for the UK’s economic, security and geopolitical interests, and British development co-operation plays a vital role alongside our world-class diplomatic, trade and defence relationships in fostering the UK-India partnership for the benefit of both countries and as a force for good in the world.

As the piece recognises, not a single penny of British taxpayers' aid money has gone on India's space programme.

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  1. Comment by Tony posted on

    Your statement is unclear.
    1. Are we providing £98m to India from public funds or not.
    2. If so, precisely on what is it to be spent and
    3. Is this not aid by another name.