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UK aid helping to prevent LGBT persecution in Uganda

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The Daily Express has this weekend published an inaccurate article claiming that no UK aid is spent on addressing the treatment of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community in Uganda.

Its story says the UK spends £100 million of its international development budget in the country every year.

At the same time it says in the past two years 200 gay Ugandans have claimed asylum in the UK, claiming their sexual orientation could expose them to persecution and abuse at home.

The paper asks why the UK is not doing more to question the persecution of the LGBT community in the African country, when it spends so much money in aid there.

Discrimination and violence against LGBT people is wholly unacceptable, and for the article to state that the UK has given no aid to help those in Uganda who have suffered prejudice is wrong.

The Express did not approach DFID directly for a comment. If it had we would have made clear DFID has taken a leading role in supporting a programme focused on protecting minority rights in Uganda.

This programme aims to improve the treatment of and attitudes towards LGBT people. More widely the UK government has supported the removal of the draconian Ugandan legislation towards the LGBT community.

The UK has lobbied and continues to do so for the protection of the human rights of the LGBT community in Uganda.

We are in regular dialogue with the Ugandan Government, Parliament and sections of the clergy and we will continue to raise our concerns about any legislation, which could lead to further persecution of and discrimination against LGBT people.

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